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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The use of the Talent Pipeline Management ("TPM") App and System is subject to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, with modifications as described below.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (“Foundation”) provides this TPM App and System for TPM Member access to tools and information for collaborating and planning. TPM Members are organized into groups (“TPM Collaboratives”) led by team leaders (“Host Organizations”). All TPM Host Organizations and Collaboratives together make up the TPM Network. Access to password protected areas is only for TPM Members who have agreed to use the TPM App and System for their intended purpose. Individuals given access as TPM Members are not permitted to share their username or password.

By activating a TPM Member account, you agree to (1) appropriate use of the TPM App and System; (2) participate in the TPM Collaborative by responding to surveys and other information gathering requests that will be used solely for improving workforce development; and (3) the sharing of information that you provide to benefit workforce development.

Any information that a TPM Member provides will be shared with that TPM Member’s Host Organization. Other than sharing with the Host Organization, any proprietary information provided by TPM Members will only be shared in aggregate form. In aggregate form, it may be shared within that TPM Member’s TPM Collaborative, more widely within the TPM Network, or if the TPM Collaborative chooses, outside of the TPM Network. Proprietary information will not be shared outside of the TPM Collaborative. Individual TPM Members may not share with the public or third parties information they receive within the TPM Collaborative without the permission of the TPM Collaborative.

The Foundation encourages TPM Members to actively participate and utilize information sharing tools. The Foundation reserves the right to determine if content is appropriate and to approve or decline submissions for use. All content must be relevant to the topic and respectful of others. Any inappropriate content will be removed.

Neither the TPM process, the TPM Web Tool, nor the TPM curriculum is intended to be used in connection with a survey of wage, salary or benefit information.